Delicious, Decadent & Daring Treats [Free Download]

So are you excited about the holidays being in full swing? Whether you’re watching blood sugar numbers, your weight, or trying to keep the sugar intake at an all-time low, treats seem to tempt from every flat surface everywhere you go this time of year. We’re offering our newest download Treats to Share and Eat, free!

With sugar comes a weakened immune system. One teaspoon of the white stuff compromises immune systems up to 33% for approximately 6 hours. I don’t know about you, but during a season when people are beginning to cough and the bad germs seem to multiply, I don’t need or want my immune system compromised.

Some years ago, I set out to prove my point to Memphis. In all her life she had never seen me sick. The reason: I avoided sugar. However, one year, I said, “Let’s see what happens when I eat whatever I want.” It was a winter season with delicious and decadent treats. And I ate them all with reckless abandon, cookies, fudge, candy, pies, and cakes.

Within two weeks, aside from headaches, I was flat on my back for three days. I couldn’t even get out of bed to cook her meals or take care of her in any way. She freaked out and called all of my friends. Those three days were lost to me except the moment she stood by my bed to tell me she had called everyone (who suggested calling 911). It took some time to recover of course, but amazingly, when you put good in your body, good comes back to you.

decadent treats, chocolate, xmas, christmas, holidays, hanukka, sugar-free, low sugar, no sugar, diabetic friendly, sweet tooth, brownies, truffles, cakes, desserts,She never forgot the lesson (and neither did I!) and this year created 5 Tips on How Not to Get Sick.  So, if you’re wondering what can you make to tame a sweet tooth, Healthy Treats to Make and Eat got some delicious recipes that will totally blow your mind. And, because they have NO REFINED sugar in them, they’re safe for little one and you won’t awaken the sugar dragon. Not only are they delicious but your friends and family will think so too.

You’ll be loading up on vitamins and minerals while you indulge in what we call Healthy King’s Food. They’re so tasty and beneficial, you may even find yourself making them throughout the year (and we recommend that you do!)
We especially love the responses we get when we serve these brownies and truffles (and honestly the shocked looks of disbelief) and are curious to hear about your experiences. Download your free e-book today and share the gift of health and wellness from your kitchen this season.

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