About Memphis

IMG_20170908_113752cropI love food. I have always loved food. I largely credit this to how Lefty (my mom) introduced me to Indian, Thai and Middle Eastern cuisine before the age of 4. If you’ve read Lefty’s bio, you already know that sugar was all but officially banned from my house as a kid. Only because my parents didn’t agree on that point.

When my parents split up, I had a unique opportunity to see how food affected me. Lefty always made nutritious options from what we had. My dad, on the other hand, let me have whatever I wanted “within reason”. I ate vegetables at dinner but ice cream or cookies for dessert was never out of the question.

Even as a young child I was strongly affected by sugar. This has continued throughout my life. In my early adolescence, I usually had a meltdown about 24 hours after consuming sugar. Lefty always pointed (correctly) to the culprit and I always hated that she was right. I skated through late adolescence and early adulthood seeing it only as something that knocked down my defenses against sickness.

Eventually, a new reality hit me: Sugar just made me a b—h. I’d get frustrated so easily, and there was no pause button. I’d snap at my son and my husband in an instant. At that point, my husband agreed and supported my decision to avoid processed sugar.  

Around the time my parents separated, I began cooking simple things like an egg & sausage breakfast. Lefty had a large garden at the time which also interested me in watching vegetables grow into food. As a kid, I disdained the hard crust of my mom’s homemade bread. Now, I long for those days when I enjoyed fresh tomato sandwiches.

I found my first job in the kitchen of an Asian restaurant preparing spring rolls, potstickers, and crab rangoon. I didn’t stay, but enjoyed the experience and learned many valuable lessons, like how to not cut off your fingers while chopping vegetables.

After the birth of my second child, I stopped counting calories or “dieting” restrictively as I had with after my first pregnancy. With Lefty’s help, I switched to nutrient dense salads, smoothies, and soups with the addition of kimchi. This probiotic-rich cultured food helped regulate my diet which was a mess from C-section antibiotics.] I went from- emotional, Postpartum and constipated to-  a new mom who didn’t need coffee to survive and didn’t get naps.

My greatest challenge is a husband who eats mainly chicken and pizza and my oldest boy who eats similarly. I love them dearly, while I choose not to eat sugar, I can’t make that a rule in my home. I find my own ways to curb a sweet craving including dates, fruit and honey.

It’s truly my passion to show people that it’s really so easy to cook great, tasty food. I love cooking healthy gourmet food and we hope to inspire you to follow us on our journey. We want to inspire you to make fabulous food, whatever that may look like for you.