At Memphis and Lefty’s Fork, we’re passionate about wellness through preparing and eating whole foods. In varying degrees, we’ve been subject to diet culture and succumbed to its lies. We believe that when eating unprocessed, nutrient-dense food and nourishing your body, calories aren’t the important measurement. After her second baby was born, Memphis decided  “to hell with calorie counting!” Lefty threw away her scale after her daughter was born. Instead, they focused on natural foods that made them feel good. Cravings for processed foods or even sugary foods disappeared. Going a step further, Memphis traded her daily coffee for more flavorful tea (a personal decision after discovering caffeine caused unwanted anxiety.)

Memphis found a great deal of happiness in preparing and eating fresh vegetables during the week. As time went on, she noticed how much energy she had, how her mood improved and a general feeling of well-being stayed with her. We generally don’t eat a whole lot of bread or pasta because the after-effect is feeling pretty tired. That doesn’t make bread or pasta ‘bad food.’ If we choose to have it, we indulge a time when it’s ok to be tired. This isn’t to say that we don’t ever indulge in less than optimal food. We choose to limit those choices, reserving them for special occasions.

avocado-bright-color-997389.jpgWe really hope to banish the terminology “bad food” or “being bad” when it comes to eating. Unless that food is actually rotten and reeking, we don’t think of it as bad, but less than optimal as it relates to how we feel afterward. We like to call those food choices indulgences. They’re foods you probably wouldn’t want to eat all the time if you want to feel good and feel your best. That makes them what Lefty calls “King’s food.” It’s the same reason why you wouldn’t eat birthday cake every day. But to celebrate, as a special meal or celebratory dessert? Yes. There’s no food guilt at Memphis and Lefty’s Fork. You’re not cheating, you’re making choices all of which affect your health in the long term. By eating well ninety percent of the time, you reduce the impact of those occasional choices to indulge. We tend to stay away from sugar. Why? Well, to quote Memphis…

“It makes me a raging b—h and causes me to lash out at my husband and kids.” And Lefty? It usually gives her raging headaches and also makes her mean. It really isn’t a food, and it doesn’t help us feel our best. Again, we are not purists. Saying “Never again!” seems the best way to awaken all those cravings. Our local Chinese Buffet is definitely an indulgence. Sometimes we crave that crispy peanut crust and soft potstickers. We make a date, have our fill, and get right back to our fresh food the next meal.


We desire to be a safe haven for any person recovering from Eating Disorders. Who among us has not been at war with our body or our food? No matter where you’ve come from or what you’ve been through, we’re here to help you make peace with both; we will encourage you to love and nourish your body. We can’t trade our body in when it gets broken, hurt or wrinkled. We encourage you to live a life in a manner that promotes self-care and helps you take the best possible care of you. It’s carrying a great treasure and deserves some serious love!

We’re here to guide you through a variety of food prep techniques that revolve around whole, fresh foods. Since we believe that eating nutrient dense foods has more value as it relates to taking care of your body and how you feel, we do not offer calorie counts for our food. This is not a weight loss program. If you’re tired of warring with your body, your food, your health and your mind, diet culture or your bathroom scale, won’t you join us? Care for yourself in a new way and feel great with us.